August 21st 2015 Birmingham Museum of Art


BMA Speaks to Birmingham: Black Like Who?

BMA Speaks, the spoken word poetry series at the Birmingham Museum of Art, offers a dynamic platform for conversations about the realities and nuances of race relations in the city and beyond. To complement the "Black Like Who?" exhibition, Max Rykov, Sharrif Simmons, and the Birmingham Museum of Art presented a panel discussion featuring a variety of voices speaking about the relationship of race with art, culture, & economics. Beyond that, the event allowed attendees to participate in the conversation by asking their own questions, and joining the panelists in examining the issues that Americans are so often reluctant to discuss directly. 

The spoken word section of the event included artists from the talented Real Life Poets, Inc.

Sharrif Simmons
Susan Diane Mitchell, Magic City Agriculture Project
Shirah Robinson, Black Lives Matter Also-BIRMINGHAM
Rev. Dave Barnhart, Saint Junia United Methodist Church
Gwendolyn Ferreti Manjarrez, University of Texas at Austin

Moderated by Max Rykov