December 12th 2014 Bottletree


Inspired by Marcel Duchamp's infamous 1917 masterpiece, "Fountain" (the urinal), this award show featured some of Birmingham's most beloved artists and art enthusiasts dressed in costume as some of the most influential figures from the history of visual art. The event featured Frida Kahlo, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O'Keeffe, Salvador Dali, the Mona Lisa and many more, who presented  Fountys (small clay replicas of "Fountain") to winners of categories like "Most Confusing to the General Public", "Most Whimsical Representation of the Human Body", "Most Posthumous Success", and plenty more--all leading up to the final award of the evening, "Best Picture". Winners in each category were chosen by online voting in advance of the show. 
Over 30 visual artists participated in this unforgettable show, and each was transformed by our talented team of make-up artists: Laura Eason, Lindsay Garrett, and Katy Ward. To create the physical awards, a Founty-making workshop was taught at Makebhm by local ceramicist, Katie Elkins. Poster design courtesy of Omari Jazz.

Proceeds from ticket sales went to Space One Eleven, An artist-run, visual arts non-profit organization in Birmingham, AL. For more information, please visit: